Site News 2010

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2010-12-31 Plugins repository back online
  Well, it took a couple of days longer than anticipated, but the Plugin Repository is now back online as promised. Its layout has been revamped to integrate better with the rest of the site, all plugins released since the repository went idle this summer have been added along with missing versions of already covered plugins, information has been checked and updated, and typos have been fixed. If you notice any further errors or oversights, please let me know.
2010-12-28 Menu navigation fixed
  I (belatedly) got around to checking out this site in non-Firefox browsers, and found that the menu navigation was a bit broken. Oops. This has been fixed along with adding a little polish, so you should now be able to browse around the site in Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE as well.
2010-12-22 Plugins repository offline
  Reaby withdrew from the Plugins section of the site, so the repository is temporarily offline for reconstruction. Thanks to Reaby for setting up the initial repository.
2010-10-17 XASECO v1.12 released
  Just because this site has been quiet lately doesn't mean nothing has happened. :-) A new v1.12 update for XASECO is now available, focusing on optimization of the database, database queries and lifting some ancient limitations, a series of new events for use in plugins, new sector times commands for local and Dedimania records, processing optimization around the end and start of tracks, a playtime enhancement, various small improvements, and a couple of minor bug fixes. Check out the complete announcement in the forums.
2010-07-10 XASECO v1.11 released
  After a long hiatus, a new version of XASECO is now finally available. This v1.11 update includes two new informational user commands plus new novote options for /list and /autojuke, the oft-requested search function for the music server, a couple of new configuration options, simplified Dedimania configuration, some performance and other enhancements, a bunch of minor new features, and bug fixes. Check out the complete announcement in the forums.
2010-06-04 XASECO Plugins section
  It's been online for a while already, but Reaby has recently been putting renewed effort into the Plugins section of the site, so it's now synced up with the layout of the rest of the XASECO site. Also, the plugins repository should now be complete, but please let us know if you think some entry is still missing.
2010-05-16 XASECO Overview & Download page
  The XASECO Overview & Download page is now online, providing an introduction to the server controller and its features, along with a link to download the current version and plenty of pointers to further information.
2010-05-04 XASECO Versions page
  The XASECO Versions page is now online, offering a list of all versions of the system along with their version notes, release dates, and forum announcement posts.
2010-05-01 Dedicated Server Overview & Download page
  The Dedicated Server Overview & Download page is now online, providing an introduction to the dedicated server along with links to download the two versions, and plenty of pointers to further information.
2010-04-21 Scripts & Tools page
  The Scripts & Tools page is now online, offering an annotated list of downloads that may be useful to TrackMania programming and server maintenance.
2010-04-19 opens, more pages online has now opened its doors to the public by adding the homepage. The Credits & Contact, Client/Server Versions, and Chat Commands pages are also online.
2010-04-18 Server Methods and Callbacks pages
  The dynamic Methods site, previously at, is now online at this site, along with the list of Callbacks for the TM Forever server.
2010-04-18 Welcome to!
  Welcome to the official site for XAseco. This is a new site with lots of content planned, but it'll take a while to put it all up, so pardon our dust while we remain under construction. :-)
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