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2011-12-31 Configuration section online
  One of the two remaining areas on this site that still needed to be filled in was the Configuration section, and that has now been completed with a comprehensive overview of all configuration files and their settings in XASECO and XASECO2.
2011-11-13 XASECO2 v0.98 for TM²C released
  A new release of XASECO2 is now available, and this v0.98 update offers the long-awaited support for Dedimania on TrackMania² Canyon. It utilizes the new API which submits replays of the best new/improved record on each track to the central system, where they'll eventually be available for download. Also included are some MX-related enhancements and a few other improvements. Check it out in the XAseco1/2 forum.
2011-10-16 Plugins repository for XASECO2 online
  A fair number of third-party plugins for XASECO2 / TrackMania² Canyon have been released via the XAseco1/2 forum, and now they are mirrored here in the XASECO2 Plugin Repository. As usual, each entry includes relavant info, installation instructions, the download(s), and more. If you notice any errors or oversights, please let me know.
2011-10-11 Site updates for XASECO2 & TM²C
  Many sections of the site have now been expanded or updated with information about XASECO2 and TrackMania² Canyon. A few pages still need to be reworked, and a XASECO2 plugins repository is also planned, but meanwhile you can browse around the menu to find the recent additions. Some cobwebs have been blown off the Links section as well. :-)
2011-09-26 New & updated PHP classes for TMX / MX
  Yesterday's XASECO2 release brought PHP support for fetching info from and searching maps on MX (Mania Exchange) via the new MX Info Fetcher and MX Info Searcher classes. Their TMX counterparts have been updated as well, and you can find all of them on the Scripts & Tools page (along with the script to update all players' panels).
2011-09-25 XASECO2 v0.95 for TM²C released
  The latest update for XASECO2 is now online. This version 0.95 release adds MX info and search support via the new MXInfoFetcher and MXInfoSearcher classes, as well as the eagerly-anticipated /add and /admin add commands to add maps from MX. Read all the info in the XAseco1/2 forum.
2011-09-14 XASECO2 v0.93 for TM²C released
  Now that TrackMania² Canyon has been officially released, there is also a new release of XASECO2 to bring this server controller to version 0.93. This update adds support for planet transactions (donate, pay), as well as customization of panel backgrounds. A revised GBXDataFetcher class is also included to handle the changes in map format. Check it out in the XAseco1/2 forum.
2011-09-05 XASECO2 v0.90 for TM²C released
  The multiplayer beta of TrackMania² Canyon has been in full swing for some time, and now the initial v0.90 release of XASECO2 is available for this imminent racing game by Nadeo. This site will be updated with XASECO2 and TM²C information as time permits, meaning it'll likely take a quite a while... Until then all info can be found in the forums.
2011-08-17 Updated GBX file tools & PHP classes
  Now that TrackMania² Canyon is in public multiplayer beta testing, it's time to release updates for all my various tools and PHP classes that process GBX Challenge/Map and Replay files with support for the new format. They are GBX Data Fetcher module, Extract GBX data, Replay Parser class, Tally GBX versions w/ challenges, GBXChallInfo class, and you can find them on the Scripts & Tools page.
2011-08-13 XASECO v1.14 released
  There is a new update for XASECO, bringing the system to version 1.14. The main focus of this release is relay support, but there are also several Dedimania-related enhancements, a few minor new features, and a couple of bug fixes. You can read the complete announcement in the forums.
2011-06-13 Documentation section online
  The last area of the site that still needed to be fleshed out was the Documentation section, and the existing Chat Commands page is now joined by Overview, Installation and Upgrades pages to provide a starting point for information on deploying the dedicated server and XASECO.
2011-04-25 XASECO v1.13 released
  It's been in the making for half a year, but a new XASECO release is now available. This v1.13 update sports a couple of new user commands, a challenge list cache to speed up all related commands, music server enhancements, new/updated events, a startup time-out mechanism, other improvements, and the inevitable bug fixes. Check out the complete announcement in the forums.
2011-02-23 New TMF dedicated server 2011-02-21
  Out of the blue, Nadeo has released another update for the TMF dedicated server. This build 2011-02-21 release (regrettable using the same 2.11.26 version number as the previous release of 11 months ago) provides a new callback, two new methods and other improvements. Naturally the methods comparison section on this site has been updated to run against this new executable, and the callbacks and version lists also include the relevant new info.
2011-01-30 Links section online
  Another area of the site is now online, as the Links section offers collections of links to the XASECO forum, Nadeo's official sites and game clients, the major community sites, and a variety of technical resources.
2011-01-02 init.d scripts for Debian/Ubuntu
  They've been a long time coming, but I've now finished Linux init.d scripts for XASECO and the dedicated server under Debian/Ubuntu, along with improved scripts for CentOS/RedHat that were previously released in the forums. Both init.d Scripts pages on this site are thus now online.
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