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2017-06-14 Mania Tech Wiki
  TM-Wiki (formerly at died about a year and a half ago. It covered general info about the entire TrackMania series, but it also was the only place to collect detailed technical information about the GameBox engine, the GBX and MUX file formats, and related topics and tools. For this reason especially, a suitable wiki was missed by technical specialists in the community. Enter the Mania Tech Wiki :D

This site aims to document technical aspects of, and technology in, the games in the Mania series by Nadeo (ok, and Virtual Skipper too). It is a very small wiki now, and because of its nature is likely to remain quite small too. Nonetheless, interested contributors are now invited to sign up and start adding relevant information.
2017-05-09 The status of XASECO2
  Today Nadeo released the first public version of ManiaPlanet 4. Eventually this fourth iteration will require all clients and servers to upgrade. In the MP4 dedicated server, legacy modes are deprecated and script modes are the way forward. XASECO2 does not and will not support script modes, so server admins are now advised to look out for a modern(ized) server controller. At this time, UASECO (a fork of XASECO2), ManiaControl and PyPlanet already support MP4, and more are likely to follow in the months and years to come. Please be patient until they provide all the features you need, or better yet, contribute by coding plugins for them.

XASECO2 had a good run, but its codebase ultimately dates back to the original ASECO for TMN ESWC in 2006, its architecture is ancient and awkward by current standards, and it's time to retire it. The site will of course continue to provide all the info about XASECO, XASECO2, their plugins, and other resources as you are accustomed to.
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