Welcome to XAseco.org! This is the official site for XASECO and XASECO2, the popular server controllers for TrackMania (abbreviated TM) and TrackMania² (abbreviated TM²), Nadeo's unique and fun arcade racing game series.

This site aims to collect all relevant information about XASECO and XASECO2 (sometimes abbreviated to X1 and X2), the TM and TM² dedicated servers and related topics, as well as provide pointers to help you find your way around the TM community. It may (or may not) eventually replace Xymph's old TMN/XASECO, TMF hub and TM²/XASECO2 sites.

To navigate around this site, use the drop-down menus above. The following six sections are available:
  • Home
    The frontpage, complete site news archive, miscellaneous scripts & tools, and the credits and contact info.
  • XASECO1/2
    Information on XASECO, XASECO2 and their history, the downloads of course, and a collection of Linux init.d scripts.
  • Dedicated Server
    Information on the TM and TM² dedicated servers, their downloads, the client/server version history, the server methods & callbacks API, and init.d scripts.
  • Documentation
    Instructions for installing, upgrading, and configuring the main XASECO1/2 system and official plugins, and an overview of all chat commands.
  • Plugins
    Browsable directories of third-party plugins for XASECO and XASECO2, and (eventually) info on plugin development.
  • Links
    Links to the XAseco1/2 forum, Nadeo's official sites and the TM/TM² game clients, important community sites, and relevant technical resources.

Site News

Date News Link
2015-12-02 Site Search launched
  Better late than never :) the XAseco.org site now offers its own search feature, powered by Sphider. The search bar above the menu offers a quick way to run a simple search from anywhere on the site, while the Site Search page provides a few advanced searching options. Now you have no excuse anymore for not knowing what information is available on this site. ;)
2014-06-09 GBX Data Fetcher module updated
  A new release of the GBX Data Fetcher module is now online, improving the PHP classes that process Challenge/Map, Replay and Pack files. This update extends GBXPackFetcher with Included Packs info, adds a few more fields to all main classes, and generally improves GBX processing. The related 'Extract GBX data' script has been enhanced to output the new fields and Included Packs list too. As always both are available for download from the Scripts & Tools page.
2013-07-26 XASECO v1.16 for TMF/TMN released
  Just when you least expect it, here is a new release of XASECO. This v1.16 update adds two new checkpoint times commands, a new configuration option to control whether or not the maps list cache is cleared at the start of each track, recent improvements in supporting classes, a Dedimania-related simplification, and more. Check out the full announcement in the XAseco1/2 forum.
2013-07-05 MetaStats, GBX Data Fetcher & Medals page for Valley
  Another update of the MetaStats look-up tool for player logins brings solo/multiplayer rankings and Dedimania stats for the newly released TM² Valley. Additionally, the Medal times page for TM² Valley is now online.
Lastly, a few minor adjustments to the GBX Data Fetcher module make it handle TM² Valley better as well.
Edit on 2013-07-11: for ManiaPlanet logins the number of ManiaStars is now shown too.
2013-06-23 MetaStats look-up updated
  The MetaStats page, where you can look up Nadeo and Dedimania statistics for player logins, has been updated with full support for ManiaPlanet. In addition to TM² Canyon it now also shows solo (if available) and multiplayer rankings for TM² Stadium, TM² Platform and ShootMania Storm, along with Dedimania stats for TM²S, all still in the same unified layout.
Also, the Medal times page for TM² Stadium now includes the official solo campaign tracks.