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2023-07-07 Links archival
  The 2022 revival of was not very long-lived, as Nadeo's forum for their classic games died again early this year, and now permanently. That may seem inevitable considering Nadeo's focus on their current TM title and also the lack of activity in the Maniaplanet forums, but is still regrettable because of the huge treasure trove of community information and advice which existed in those forums. All links from this site to TM-forum have now been redirected to, although unfortunately the Wayback Machine has not archived all forum topics.

Additionally, the unofficial web API for TrackMania Nations ESWC (partly) broke down some time ago, causing failure in the MetaStats service for that game, so support for this title had to be dropped as well. And thus the fabric of classic TrackMania games and their communities continues to unravel, as is, I suppose, the fate of most old games...
2023-04-14 Updated TMX/MX classes
  As promised, the four TMX / MX Info Fetcher and Searcher classes have now been updated to v2.0, reflecting their refactoring for the overhauled TM1X API that was rolled out last October, as well as the older TM2X API. The updated classes provide new available values per track, and retire a few data values that became deprecated. This is (tersely) documented in the comment block at the start of the files. As always they are available from the Scripts & Tools page.
2023-04-02 Updated PHP classes
  As PHP progressed via version 7.x to 8.x, some language constructs used in various data classes that were developed over a decade ago, became deprecated and eventually obsolete, breaking functionality. Therefore small updates to the TMX / MX Info Fetcher and Searcher classes as well as the TMN Data Fetcher class have now been released to address those issues. As usual they are available from the Scripts & Tools page. Not all are fully functional because of changes to the underlying services where they obtain data from, this is still under investigation.
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