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2012-10-20 The GBX Data Fetcher module, reworked
  The complete overhaul of the GBX Data Fetcher module, of which an initial version was already released with the recent XASECO[2] updates, is now complete. As before, the module includes GBXChallMapFetcher and GBXReplayFetcher classes that support ManiaPlanet maps and replays, and now also provides a new GBXPackFetcher class that handles ManiaPlanet packs (.Pack.Gbx and .pak files). The related 'Extract GBX data' script has also been fully rewritten, and pretty-prints relevant information on all the file types that the GBX Data Fetcher module supports.
2012-09-20 XASECO v1.15b for TMF/TMN released
  Hot on the heels of the new XASECO2 release comes a small update to XASECO to bring the TMF/TMN controller to version 1.15b. This release also includes the completely rewritten GBXDataFetcher module along with a few minor tweaks and fixes, as detailed in the XAseco1/2 forum. The GBXDataFetcher module is available separately on the Scripts & Tools page as well.
2012-09-19 XASECO2 v1.01 for TM²C released
  After a long time there is now a new release of XASECO2, updating the TM²C server controller to version 1.01. It provides a completely rewritten GBXDataFetcher module with new GBXChallMapFetcher and GBXReplayFetcher classes that correctly process ManiaPlanet maps and replays, along with a new Dedimania-related event, improved error checking and handling, and several tweaks and fixes. For details see the XAseco1/2 forum.
2012-07-29 The RPC Utilities, reworked
  A major overhaul of the RPC Utilities is now complete, featuring a central config file for and ManiaPlanet API version handling in all scripts; improved handling of method parameters in sendcmd.php; enhanced callbacks filtering via command-line options; improved formatting & validated XHTML for listmethods/getinfos output; and much more. As always the utilities can be downloaded from the Scripts & Tools page.
2012-07-12 Updated PHP classes for MX
  MX (Mania Exchange) recently opened their ShootMania section, and also overhauled their API to retrieve information on, and search for, TrackMania² Canyon and ShootMania maps. The PHP classes MX Info Fetcher and MX Info Searcher have now been updated to support all these changes, and as usual you can find them on the Scripts & Tools page. Edit on 2012-07-13: one more update to both classes to support the new MapType field in MX's API.
2012-05-29 XASECO v1.15 for TMF/TMN released
  It's been a long time coming, but the (probably) final update of XASECO is now available. This v1.15 release brings XASECO approximately in sync with (and slightly beyond) XASECO2 in terms of features and fixes, including support for the Dedimania MaxRank system, a new event and other Dedimania-related enhancements, and various other improvements. Check it out in the XAseco1/2 forum.
2012-05-25 MetaStats look-up launched
  After far too many delays, the MetaStats page is now online, providing an easy way to look up Nadeo and Dedimania statistics for TrackMania² Canyon, TrackMania Nations/United Forever, and Nations ESWC logins. The results page offers account details, solo (if available) and multiplayer rankings, and Dedimania stats in a unified layout, and it can be easily hyperlinked and shared to show off to your buddies. ;)
2012-01-07 XASECO2 v1.00 for TM²C released
  There is a new version 1.00 for XASECO2, bringing the support for TM²C more or less in sync with that of the current XASECO for TMF and TMN ESWC. This update adds back the /mxrecs command, implements support for the Dedimania MaxRank system, and applies various smaller improvements and bug fixes. Read all the info in the XAseco1/2 forum.
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