A UId is the unique identifier for TrackMania challenges and ManiaPlanet maps. From a challenge/map file it's easy to obtain the UId via the GBX Data Fetcher module or Extract GBX data script. This page allows you to search for the challenge/map file from a UId on TM Exchange (TMX), Mania Exchange (MX) and online servers were Dedimania records for the challenge/map were driven.

All retrieved information is cached locally upon the initial request; the cache is flushed once a night at 05:30 MET. For up-to-the-minute (T)MX and Dedimania info, visit those sites via the links given for the specified UId.



TMX/MX info retrieved via TMX & MX Info Fetcher classes.
Challenge/map names processed via TMF Color Parser class.
Dedimania info retrieved from a daily replicate of the Dedimania master database.
Last updated: 2022-12-12